This memorial monument was installed and dedicated by  Pastor emeritus, L.D. Axsom    and

United Pentecostal Church

of Ellettsville,

now known as

Turning Point Apostolic Church Ellettsville.

It is located across 

Jack's Defeat Creek from TPAC   on the city of Ellettsville "Heritage Trail" walking path.  

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That this monument was erected as a memorial unto what might easily

be considered just an insignificant creature of nature, a little snapping

turtle, strictly to give glory to God the great creator!

And it marks the vert spot where this little snapping turtle was born (or

hatched) in a tragic accident, on August 11, 2000 when L.D. Axsom-pastor

emeritus was digging in his back yard to plant flowers when suddenly he

discovered he had dug into a nest of eggs and had chopped one of the eggs

wide open, exposing what he at first thought was a baby snake.  But after

closer observation he realized it was a premature baby turtle lying there in one

part of the eggshell, on top of the unabsorbed egg yolk.  And he carefully took it

up in his hands and carried it into the house to show his good wife.  And she

being very touched with motherly kindness and motherhood suggested that

maybe, if they would wrap this partial egg in wet paper towel, and lay it in a cool

place it might possibly continue to be hatched.  And this they did.  (And both the

pastor and his wife admitted later that they prayed that God would spare this little

creature), and 16 hours later, they unwrapped this partial egg to find this little

snapping turtle’s body had completely absorbed the egg yolk, and it was fully

developed and moving around like any little new born turtle would move.  Needless to

say there was rejoicing in this household over God’s miraculous preservation of this

little creature of nature’s life!  And they decided to buy it, it’s own special aquarium and

try to nurture it until it was old enough to put back into it’s own natural habitat.  And the

pastor was so impressed with the miraculous way God had spared this little creature’s

life, it’s rapid development, and its absolutely amazing instinctive characteristics as it

grew, he decided it should be put in written format, for both children, and adults to see

how God, the great creator, takes care of even his smallest and perhaps sometimes thought

of as just insignificant creatures.  Just a few days after this little turtle’s tragic birth, the

pastor was reading an article in the newspaper about a famous Native American named

“Chief Little Turtle” and immediately he thought that would be a good name for this little

snapping turtle.  And he named it “Chief Little Turtle” much to the liking of the children of

the church.  After a few weeks this little turtle was taken to the church, and introduced to the

children of the church as “Chief Little Turtle”.  And this true story of it’s tragic birth, and how

God miraculously spared this little creature’s life.  And they immediately fell in love this

little turtle, and watched with absolute unfeigned interest as it grew and developed and marveled

at the way God takes care of all of his creation, even those we might think insignificant. Exactly

one year from the day of its tragic birth, on August 11, 2001 this little turtle was released back in

this exact same area of his natural habitat.  And some 8 months later, in April 2002, the pastor and

his wife observed it in the same area.  And they took pictures of it on that date, which appeared in the

book being written.  And on it’s second birthday anniversary August 11, 2002 this memorial plaque

was placed on this monument, giving honor and glory to God!  The Great Creator.  A fuller account of

this miraculous and true story is available in the book bearing its name, “Chief Little Turtle”.